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Vintage Primrose Mirror

Rs. 18,999.00

Create an elegant wall decor design with our stunning Antique gold victorian mirror.  This mirror features a beautiful frame design that will bring style to any room or home. It's love at first sight with this stunning, vintage-inspired mirror fit with its adornments at its apex and edges. Placed at an entryway console, leaned against a wall, or positioned over a fireplace mantel, this mirror magnifies any room with a grandiose, yet delicate appeal.

  • Aluminum mirrored glass
  • Fitted with a ready-to-hang D-ring; hanging hardware required
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth
  • Size Chart :  
  • small - 30" X 30"
  • medium - 40" X 30"
  • Extra Large - 70" X 30"

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