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Hexagon Inlay Coffee Table - Geometric Floral

Sale priceRs. 59,000.00


Bone Inlay Coffee Table is an artistic beauty. With hexagon shape and an intricate geometric flower design, this coffee table would add elegance to your home. Each piece has been handcrafted in a process that can take weeks using honourably sourced Bone. Delicately carved pieces of bone / MoP have been individually inlaid onto a wooden frame in an elaborate pattern. Layers of coloured resin are then used to fill around the bone/ mop. Finally, the backside and inside areas are painted with the matching colours.

  • Bone Inlay Geometric Floral Coffee Table
  • Height : 17 Inches.
  • Material : Bone, Mdf wood, Resin & brass.
  • Customisation available on request.
  • Delivered in customised Hard wood boxes for safe delivery.
    Hexagon Inlay Coffee Table - Geometric Floral
    Hexagon Inlay Coffee Table - Geometric Floral Sale priceRs. 59,000.00

    Why We Love It

    CasaGold's Inlay Coffee Tables epitomize refined sophistication seamlessly fusing meticulous craftsmanship with timeless design elements. Each coffee table is a testament to the artistry of skilled artisans, crafted by hand to showcase intricate inlay patterns, exquisite detailing, and a harmonious blend of materials. From delicately carved sections to meticulously arranged inlays, every piece boasts unique characteristics that elevate it beyond mere furniture to a true work of art.

    From Artisans Abode

    Celebrating Artisans of INdia

    Join us in celebrating the spirit and artistry of Indian craftsmen, who infuse every creation with a touch of cultural richness and timeless elegance.

    Request a Customization

    "The first thing that caught my eye about the CasaGold's Center Tables is its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The intricate inlay work is truly a work of art"

    Ms Aparna

    The simplicity of this design gives an ultra modern touch to your home with its sheen brass legs.

    Ms. Akansha

    Its clean lines, rectangular shape, and contemporary inlay work make it a versatile piece.

    Ms Khushboo