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Inlay Chest of Drawers - Geo

Sale priceRs. 69,000.00


Introducing our elegant three-drawer dresser adorned with a mesmerizing geometric pattern by CasaGold. Crafted with precision, this piece features thin stripes intricately interwoven to form a stunning geometric design. Each drawer is meticulously handcrafted, with delicate geometric motifs overlaying a wooden frame. Layers of colored resin enhance the beauty of the pattern, creating a captivating visual effect. Versatile and stylish, this dresser offers ample storage space for accessories, clothes, makeup, and more, making it a perfect addition to any room. Experience the fusion of functionality and sophistication with our geometric pattern dresser from CasaGold.

          toilet storage cabinet with drawers dvd rack buffet table with storage
          Inlay Chest of Drawers - Geo Sale priceRs. 69,000.00

          Why We Love It

          CasaGold's Inlay Chest of Drawers epitomize refined sophistication seamlessly fusing meticulous craftsmanship with timeless design elements. Each cabinet is a testament to the artistry of skilled artisans, crafted by hand to showcase intricate inlay patterns, exquisite detailing, and a harmonious blend of materials. From delicately carved sections to meticulously arranged inlays, every piece boasts unique characteristics that elevate it beyond mere furniture to a true work of art.

          Handcrafted to Perfection

          Celebrating Artisans of INdia

          Join us in celebrating the spirit and artistry of Indian craftsmen, who infuse every creation with a touch of cultural richness and timeless elegance.

          From Artisans Abode

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          "The intricate inlay work is truly a work of art"

          Mr Kanwaljeet

          The simplicity of this design gives an ultra modern touch to your home with its sheen brass legs.

          Ms. Rohanna

          Bone Inlay is a rich look. It looks beautiful day or night.

          Ms Parwati