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Bone Inlay Leaf Tray - Navy Blue

Rs. 4,500.00

Intricately crafted by hand using ethically sourced bone, this stunning blue leaf tray is eminently versatile, and is truly at home in any room. Lending splashes of colour and personality, this tray presents endless styling options - displayed as kitchen, dining or coffee table decor, or to house perfumes in the bedroom. Whether you'll serve food & drinks on this tray, or rest it on a cabinet / table for decorative display, it will always add something special to your space.


Made from Ethically sourced Bone, Resin and Wood. Size : 36 cm dia, Height : 5 cm

Note: Each product is uniquely crafted by skilled artisans. Hence, you may observe a minor difference in the product(s) including colour variations in resin. Care Instructions: To be wiped with a clean & soft dry cloth.

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