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Wooden Ottaman Tray set of 2

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  • What makes the perfect wooden serving tray? DURABILITY: A perfect serving tray is made for durability and ease of use in a variety of settings and environments! Made from a sturdy wood, our chest is great for any use including as a serving tray for food and knick-knacks, or just as décor! No matter what you use it for, our products are made to last!
  • A BEAUTIFUL FINISH: Not just for show, our serving tray is perfect for holding food and other objects with ease! Whether you're serving drinks and snacks or just keeping your cosmetics organized on your dresser, this decorative tray is here to add a little style to your space. Crafted from solid wood in white distressed finish, this rectangular tray features a raised edge that's designed to help keep clutter from sliding off.
  • Size: Big : 13*11*2, Small :
  • Colour : White distressed finish
  • Handle : Black Metal
  • Material :All our wooden products are made from mango wood, one of the most sustainable woods known to man.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: CasaGold stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Each piece is handcrafted and may contain slight variations and imperfections that are an inherent part of the charm of handmade products.

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