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Nature & Nuts Premium Oil


Nature & Nuts Premium Oil

At Nature Nuts, we offer high-quality cold-pressed oils that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Unlike the hot-pressed oil that retain little of their natural composition, our cold-pressed oils retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Determined to preserve the nutritious value of our product, we have taken this trailblazing endeavour to deliver the pure anti-inflammatory and healing properties of natural oils to our customers. Taking inspiration from the age-old extraction techniques of our ancestors, we use high-quality seeds sourced from different parts of India. Switch to authentic natural oils by nature nuts and embrace the healthier side of living. 

What makes us the best?

Dedication to unrivalled quality makes us different from others in the industry. We are special because every minute detail of extraction and manufacturing is taken into consideration without any flaw. Some of our other distinguished features include:

  • Zero adulteration and no added coloring.
  • One-time pressed oils that store the nutritive worth of the processed nuts in them without denaturing them into heat.
  • Our oils are sedimented instead of filtering as they are compressed and just as our ancestors did, we make sure that the healthier properties of the oils remain intact. 

All our oils are edible and are impeccable for supple and glowing skin, hair and body. Maintain heart health and improve insulin sensitivity to prevent the risk of diabetes, with our natural oils rich in Vitamin E.