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Vintage Bird Mirror

Sale priceRs. 24,999.00

Introducing the Enchanting Carved Vintage Metal Mirror: A Symphony of Nature and Artistry - Immerse yourself in the exquisite grandeur of our Carved Vintage Metal Mirror, a piece where the elegance of nature meets intricate craftsmanship. This mirror, with its frame whimsically shaped like a branch and adorned with beautifully carved metal birds, becomes more than a reflective surface - it transforms into a statement piece of art. The meticulous carving on the metal, especially on each bird, showcases a level of detail that makes this mirror stand out in its splendid grandeur.

A Piece That Speaks Volumes:

  • Intricate Bird and Branch Design: The frame, crafted to resemble a branch with meticulously carved metal birds, brings a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your space.
  • Antique Gold Finish: The textured metal, bathed in an antique gold finish, adds a layer of vintage charm, making the mirror a subtle yet captivating focal point whether placed above a console, fireplace, or bedroom dresser.


  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 36" L X 24" W

Effortless Installation: Designed with your convenience in mind, the mirror features pre-installed hooks behind the backboard, ensuring a secure and stable installation that allows you to enjoy the beauty of this piece without any hassle.

Purchase with Confidence: Your peace of mind is our priority. We have fortified our mirror packaging to ensure that this piece of art arrives at your doorstep in impeccable condition, ready to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

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Vintage Bird Mirror Sale priceRs. 24,999.00