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How to Select Cabinet Handles and Knobs?

Written by Cheena Bhasin


Posted on September 16 2020

Kitchens are a hub of creativity and are definitely the ones that shall get a lot messier with time. This mess mostly ends up at your cabinet and hence having a suitable knob or pull to combat it becomes equally important to add matched longevity to your favorite cabinets. With the net being an all-time availability now, one can easily buy cabinet handles online. Knobs and pulls help protect your cabinet finish by stopping the spread of oils and spices from one's fingers to all onto their precious cabinets.
With a plethora of designs available for the knobs and pulls, given below are a few options to consider :
Door handles -A knob or a pull :Choosing over preferences and determining what one wants is important. With the boon of versatility laced with quality, you can easily opt for a varied range of decorative door handles online. Termed often as the jewellery of the kitchen, a knob, or a pull, whatever be your inclination, should be classy, comfy and should accentuate the overall design of the cabinet.
Taking note of your cabinet style :One needs to figure out if they want it curved or in the square range. Illustrations of square cabinet styles include flat panel, shaker, or any modification of the shaker door teamed up with a flatter and squared look.
Meanwhile, the curved style has soft edges and distinct details. Illustrations include traditional raised pillow-top doors, panel doors, recessed panel doors with ogee edges, or beads on the inside or outside profiles.
Comfort laced with affordability :Trying out the knob or pull is important before one ventures out into purchasing the whole kitchen. Cabinet door knobs and pulls are supposed to exude comfort and class and one shouldn't settle for anything less than that. The comfort shouldn't just be limited to your cabinet accessories but also should prevail over your budget. With the assurance of class being delivered for the payment made, it's important to style for an accessible rate while choosing knobs and pulls.
Finishes are important : The finish that one opts for is important. While most people stick to the good old classics of chrome or brushed nickel, there are other finishes that complement the design such as antique pewter, bronze, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze, aluminium, black matte, and rust.
Choosing cabinet hardware is a hectic task. To come up with something sleek and lasting within an affordable rate is always a challenge. But with a vivid range of available designer door handles online you can always choose to settle down for the best.