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Go Old School, Add Drama To The Entryway With Door Knockers

Written by Cheena Bhasin


Posted on August 05 2020

What creates the first impression of your home? It’s always the entrance, the way it looks from the street if it is a house or how it looks from the hallways in case you live in an apartment. You can always add some drama; make a statement with your home’s entryway. How about an antique brass lion door knocker? It gives your door both an ornate look and adds medieval elegance to make a great impression on your guests.   

 Reminiscing Decor Of The Past :- Door knockers were a common addition to the door in the old days before electricity became a necessity. It was there to relieve the knuckles and hands from knocking the door. The ornate ones bore the symbol of wealth and affluence, and anyone under that status sufficed with the simple iron rings. Nevertheless, it was a usual rather an essential décor. 

 As time went by, with the prevalence of electricity door knockers got replaced with calling bells. Today, with the advent of technology the normal doorbells are gradually getting reinstated by smart home systems with modern buzzers and camera surveillance. But what is stopping you from bringing back the ornate nostalgia of the past with the addition of brass knocker to your home entrance? It will lift the aesthetics of your home and add a unique feel to it. 

 Buy Brass Door Knocker And Match It Well :- Door knockers are available in simple and intricate designs and various types of metals. But sticking to brass is a wise choice. It relieves you of the rusting issues that tag along with iron and brings the heaviness that is needed for the door knocker impact. 

 Designs are in ample, with Lion Door Knockers For Sale being the most common choice for most because it represented royalty and affluence in the old days. There are choices in religious symbols and other ornate designs to choose from as well. So, get yourself a great knocker and match it well with the overall color scheme and theme of your entrance to have a mesmerizing impact on your visitors. 

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