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Enhance Your Window Aesthetics With The Right Curtain Rod Bracket

Written by Cheena Bhasin


Posted on July 31 2020

Creative homeowners who like to experiment with various aspects of interior décor, never overlook their window treatments. To frame the beautiful view of your window, you need curtains or drapes to soften the look and enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. Most people get tempted to save money on the hardware that holds their elegant drapes. If you are having the same thoughts, then resist this urge, because having the right curtain rod brackets for your windows can make all the difference between an average looking décor and professional, sophisticated, design.

Are you trying hard to buy curtain finials online that can hold your rod in place? Then we have got you covered! Here’s everything that you need to know about the different curtain rod brackets to create a more cohesive design.

 How To Pick The Best Style?

Curtain rod brackets come in a myriad of materials, hues, and sizes. Owing to the bewildering range of variety, people often get tangled between the right and the wrong choice. The key to buying perfect curtain rod brackets is considering the personal preference and the style of the curtains that you want to hang. You can buy antique brass curtain brackets to give the overall ambiance a rustic feel. The material choice is also diverse including ceramic, metal, wood, and plastic. Depending on the size and shade, you can always pick the brackets that can complement your curtain and thus enhance the overall setup.

 What Is The Ideal Size For Buying Curtain Rod Brackets? 

If you are working with weighed rods or drapes that are made from heavy taffeta, then the 1” bracket sizes are ideal for holding firm the heavy curtain rods. For sheer or lighter curtains, 5/8” bracket cup sizes can be apt. These bracket sizes fit curtain rods that are ½ to 5/8 inches in diameter.

What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Rod Brackets?

Brackets available in the market are:


  • Single Brackets
  • Double Brackets
  • Centre support Brackets
  • Adjustable Brackets
  • Elbow Brackets
  • No-drill curtain rod brackets

    Pro Tip: Purchase brackets after you have picked your curtains and rod to ensure that the materials in the setup go with each other.

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