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Decorative Wall Mirrors

Written by Cheena Bhasin


Posted on February 17 2022

Mirrors exist for various reasons. This one object made of transparent glass is something you would find in all homes which don’t just help with utility, they look beautiful too. They come in various shapes and sizes. Not only do they look classy, but they also fit into spaces and add to interiors. Our houses reflect who we are and made with a lot of love. The mirrors in them resonate with our auras which is why they shouldnt be bought just as a necessity but as a part of your dream house.

There are various advantages of mirrors. Firstly, they produce an illusion of space. A house with small rooms can simply have more depth when a mirror is added in the right place. Secondly, decorative wall mirrors tend to become the focal point of a room if placed correctly and invite good energy into the space. Thirdly, elegant bathroom mirrors is not just about seeing ourselves but also about how it makes us feel about ourselves when we look into it. Fourthly, they act as an easy fix to increase the appeal of a room. They enhance any space of the house and become a crucial part of decorating. Used as a feng-shui element by many, they have deeper meanings to them. In the doorway, they welcome people. Above a fireplace, they add a hearth. Their purposes are many but are defined by what you would like to see in your house.

Lastly, a very important feature and advantage of a mirror is the fact that they brighten a room. Any poorly lit room can look lively when a mirror is added to it. Their ability to reflect light can be used naturally when placed in the direction of direct sunlight or artificial lighting.

One design of mirrors that steals the show is round mirrors. They come in various colours and sizes but always give a new makeover to the space theyre installed in. They are available in Brass, Copper, Silver and Stainless Steel. They might look modest but are statement pieces in themselves.

For those who want a bit of design and definition in their houses, vintage mirrors are the answer. This antique look never goes out of style and adds royalty to your spaces. With its gold frame, it perfectly complements a somber background.

Casa Gold with its wide range of handcrafted pieces offers various mirrors with a touch of elegance in them. Curated by creative designers and intricately made by artisanal shows in the look and finishing of our products. We dont believe in One size fits alland present to you mirrors of different dimensions to suit your needs. Mirrors are the perfect definition of style and function, have you tried experimenting with this concept yet? 



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